High Power HV DC to LV DC Converter

Low Power HV to LV Converters

Polarity has designed a number of low power high voltage to low voltage DC to DC converters. These converters originally were designed for high temp, high reliability military applications but have been scaled down to meet commercial specs for a wide range of applications. See the following specifications:

  • Input Voltage - 1.5KV to 2.1KV
  • Output Voltage Range - 5VDC to 100VDC
  • Power Range - 10W to 75W
  • Operating Temperature - -54C to 110C
  • Altitude - 70000 feet
  • Vibration - Per MIL-STD-810A
  • Shock - MIL-STD-202C, Method 205C
  • Humidity - 100%
  • Size - 1.5" x 4.1" x 1.3"
  • Scalable to 1KW average






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