Pulsed TWT Amplifiers

550 Watt Ka Band Outdoor HPA

Ka Band Amplifier - Radar / Electronic Warfare

Polarity's 550W peak Ka band pulsed amplifier is ideally suited for demanding performance in next generation Ka band radar systems. This high efficiency, conduction cooled transmitter is densely packaged for light weight airborne applications and has RF modulation rates up to 600kHz.

Outstanding thermal design ensures reliable operation from ambient temperatures of -40C to +85deg C. The POL550KaP offers a design with industry leading reliability and its power supply design ensures rugged performance that is unmatched. High efficiency multi-collector designs meet the demands of today’s complex airborne pulsed, shipboard, and ground mobile microwave power systems.

Optional features : A proven control protocol provides serial RS232/422/485, ethernet, and advanced user friendly communication to provide data logging for cost effective maintenance and trouble shooting.

RF Performance

•  Frequency: 32-36GHZ

•  RF Output Power: 500W, 57dBm, pk

•  Gain: 60 dB

•  Temperature range: -40C to +85C

Built-in Protection

•  High speed fault protection, <1us

•  Output arc detector

•  Input/output isolator

•  Reverse power detection/c’bar

Additional Options

•  4kg light weight enclosure

•  Airborne certified

•  High speed modulator, 1MHz

•  Liquid/Conduction cooled

POL550Ka Data Sheet




Product Line

Polarity’s product line includes:

  • high voltage to low voltage converters (DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC)
  • microwave tube amplifiers and power supplies
  • microwave amplifier test machines
  • high power high voltage modulators (solid state & vacuum tube)
  • radar transmitters
  • ion implantation modulators
  • industrial microwaves
  • high voltage test machine automation
  • TWT, Klystron, and CFA RF amplifiers