TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs) (HPAs)

200W Q Band TWT Amplifier

Power Combined Q Band

The POL200Q amplifier is specifically designed to meet multicarrier operation in demanding outdoor satellite                  communications applications for antenna mount operation. Polarity offers models suited for all major satellite  bands. All models can include a linearizer and are further optimized for low noise and efficient operation at rated linear power levels. Harmonic filtering is built-in.

Outstanding thermal design ensures reliable operation to ambient temperatures of +60deg C. The POL200Q offers a design with industry leading reliability and its power supply design ensures rugged performance that is unmatched.

High efficiency modern user multi-collector designs meet the demands of today’s complex systems and offer the ability to effectively power manage the overall network as well as the increasingly challenging requirements for mobile systems.

Optional features are 1:1 redundancy and 1:2 redundancy with associated switch control. Higher power can be provided through optional phase combining systems. Each amplifier has allocated internal space for integrated block up converter modules that are tailored for specific bands. Upconverters can also be provided that operate stand alone or lock to an external system reference. A rich control protocol provides serial RS232/422/485, ethernet, and advanced user friendly communication to provide data logging for cost effective maintenance.              

 POL200Q — Industry Leading Performance — Affordable — Proven Reliability

Q Band Amplifier Spec Sheet



Product Line

Polarity’s product line includes:

  • high voltage to low voltage converters (DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC)
  • microwave tube amplifiers and power supplies
  • microwave amplifier test machines
  • high power high voltage modulators (solid state & vacuum tube)
  • radar transmitters
  • ion implantation modulators
  • industrial microwaves
  • high voltage test machine automation
  • TWT, Klystron, and CFA RF amplifiers