Low Frequency Amplifiers

10 KHz-10MHz RF Amplifier

The Polarity RF Amplifier was built to have the following specifics:

Instantaneous bandwidth: 10KHz-10MHz

  • 3dB Bandwidth: 10MHz
  • Input Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Output: Drives 50 ohms
  • Output Voltage: 40 volts peak
  • Gain: 100




Product Line

Polarity’s product line includes:

  • high voltage to low voltage converters (DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC)
  • microwave tube amplifiers and power supplies
  • microwave amplifier test machines
  • high power high voltage modulators (solid state & vacuum tube)
  • radar transmitters
  • ion implantation modulators
  • industrial microwaves
  • high voltage test machine automation
  • TWT, Klystron, and CFA RF amplifiers