Polarity provides power solutions for the following markets: military, commercial, industrial, and medical to cutting-edge Green Power.  Whether the product is intended for use in an air-superiority military aircraft or university research laboratory, Polarity will provide the most appropriate, reliable and low-cost solution.

Applications for Polarity's products include: shipboard, airborne, ground-based military systems, industrial high voltage test machines, commercial electric vehicles, and high voltage medical systems. From application engineering through design and fabrication, Polarity is your source for power supply systems, products and services. Whether a standard product or a custom-designed system is required, Polarity has the capabilities and cross-industry experience to deliver the needed solution.

Polarity’s product line includes:

  • High Voltage to Low Voltage Converters (DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC)
  • Military DC to DC Converters
  • High Voltage TWT Test Sets
  • High Voltage Solid State Modulators
  • High Voltage Vacuum Tube Modulators
  • TWT Microwave Amplifiers
  • High Power Klystron, CFA, and Magnetron Amplifiers
  • Low Frequency Solid State RF Amplifiers
  • Custom High Voltage Power Supplies and Test Systems
  • IGBT and MOSFET Drivers

Polarity's products are put through extensive testing and quality assurance to provide the highest product value. Our mission is to develop low-cost, high-power equipment with the highest reliability ratings in the industry.

Polarity holds a number of US patents on its innovative power conversion and high voltage modulator designs.



Product Line

Polarity’s product line includes:

  • high voltage to low voltage converters (DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC)
  • microwave tube amplifiers and power supplies
  • microwave amplifier test machines
  • high power high voltage modulators (solid state & vacuum tube)
  • radar transmitters
  • ion implantation modulators
  • industrial microwaves
  • high voltage test machine automation
  • TWT, Klystron, and CFA RF amplifiers