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Polarity has more than 40 years of design and fabrication experience related to high-power microwave systems; high-voltage test machines; high-power, high-voltage, solid-state modulators; and ultra-low-noise, high-voltage power supplies.

All systems are designed with MTBF and serviceability in mind for the highest product value.

Please review Polarity's customized solutions capabilities below for ideas on configuring your custom high voltage system or high voltage component. If your requirement is not specifically mentioned here, please contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss options with you.

  High Power Modulator Design
  High Voltage Resonate RF Amplifier Design
  Power Supply Design
  High Power Microwave Amplifier Design
  Monitor and Control Development
  Mechanical Design

 High Power Modulator Design

  1.2KV to 50KV, 1 to 1000A - Solid State Modulators
  10KV to 100KV, 1 to 100A - Vacuum Tube Modulators
  Modulators can be packaged in rack mountable enclosures, pressurized oil tanks, pressurized SF6 enclosures, epoxy potted modules, or low corona air cooled enclosures.


High Voltage Resonate RF Amplifier Design

  2KV pk to pk @ 1MHz, single or dual output, drives 10 -150pf
  2KV pk to pk @ 1.5MHz, single or dual output, drives 10 -150pf
  1 - 3KV pk to pk @ 2MHz, single or dual output, drives 10 - 150pf

These resonate amplifiers can be rack mounted or built on a single PCB. All systems include voltage and current monitoring and frequency adjust for resonate tuning.

Options: These systems can also be outfitted with a high-speed crowbar system that clamps the output to less than 100volts in less than 500ns. This crowbar system provides a sync pulse output and extraction duration (adjust) all relative to the crowbar event.




Power Supply Design

Ultra low noise linear power supplies:

  300V to 5KV, 500W max - Small Pak
  Linear Ultra Low Noise - 10kV to 50kV, 100kW
  Switch Mode - 10kV to 50kV, 50kW max.



 Switch mode power supplies:

  DC to DC converters - Input 12 - 48VDC, output to 15KVDC, 2000W max
  High Voltage DC to Low Voltage DC converters - Input 500 - 3500VDC, 10kW
  AC to DC converters - Input 120 to 480VAC, output to 50KVDC, 50KW

TWT.Power.Supply.JPG    2KV-15V-DC-DC-converter-2.jpg



 High Power Microwave Amplifier Design

  High power microwave systems - 5KW-100KW CW to 5MW peak
  Design to mil-spec ultra low noise, high power radar and communication amplifiers
  Design to commercial spec high power CW or pulsed industrial microwave systems


 Monitor and Control Development

  Polarity provides software and firmware development for embedded controllers and system automation. Our software engineers can integrate all types of test equipment (HP, Lecroy, Tektronix, etc.) to fully automate manufacturing and testing procedures. 
  Programming languages include: C, C++, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic (VBA)

3KV-Grid-Monitor-Controller.jpg     TWT-grid-modulator.jpg



Mechanical Design

Custom Enclosures


Thermal design

  Air and water cooled thermal plates - 1KW to 50KW 
  Forced air cooling systems
  Thermal design at component and system level

Chiller design

  Liquid to air - 10KW to 100KW
  Liquid to gas to air - 10KW to 100KW 

High voltage management

  Expertise in corona suppression and component layout for serviceability and high voltage isolation.
  Experts in dielectric selection for high voltage isolation 
  Safety procedures and related equipment






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